WWE: New Shirt For Ohio Native “Alexa Bliss”

WWE Superstar from Columbus releases new merchandise!

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) — She is twisted, she is your Raw Women’s Champion, and she is bringing a new shirt to your collection.

The University of Akron alum and Columbus product is in the middle of a lengthy run atop the women’s division in WWE.

As your Ohio State Buckeyes begin their next run eyeing down a National Championship, you can now have the new look of another Columbus champion, as previewed on her twitter below:

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“Nature Boy” Ric Flair Courtside For Cavs!

Stylin, and walking The Q!

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) — Limosiene riding, jet flyin, wheelin dealin, CAVALIERS CHEERIN son of gun!

It’s been quite the week for Ric Flair, and he has been fighting for Cleveland… literally. Earlier this week, reports coming out that Flair got into a fight with a Warriors fan. During game three, the 16x world champion was courtside as the Cavs looked to hold court against Golden State.

Unfortunately… it was not enough. Cavaliers fell 118-113 and now trail Golden State (0-3) in the NBA Finals. HOWEVER, in true Cleveland sports fashion… a rough loss not enough to deter the fan nation.

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Top 5: WWE Events To Debut In Ohio

Looking back at the best WWE PPVs to debut in Ohio!

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) — For all of the jokes that go around about WWE creative, one thing is for certain, they have (for the most part) kept us entertained for decades. At the forefront of that innovation has been the city of Cleveland vital role in launching new PPV’s.

There is a fascinating connection between Ohio and the “revolutionary force in sports entertainment.” You see, Cleveland has always held a prominent role in WWE  story lines from recently the return of Brock Lesnar, to a 2008 return of the Undertaker at Unforgiven, to the first ever battle between WWE, WCW, and ECW on PPV… more on that to come.

One final thing to mention with that; Cleveland was one of the original five cities chosen to hold a WWE PPV. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland. To me… that… is pretty cool.

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With all of that Cleveland history, we now take a look back, with a special top three version of Top Five: WWE PPV’s to originate in Ohio.

#3.) Invasion – Gund Arena – 2001

For our dedicated younger audience, that is the original name of Quicken Loans Arena. For those lucky enough to have attended this event in person… what a show. I was unfortunately not at his particular event. Lets set the table, WWE and WCW were neck and neck for the top two companies in sports entertainment. Both regularly made stops in Cleveland (yes, I remember the joy of rocking my first Sting mask.) However, WWE would come out on top -purchasing WCW during an episode of raw that was actually in… u guessed it Cleveland! (future blog?) Talent from WCW would join the WWE roster in what was called an Invasion. The events would culminate in this PPV, in which team WWE was turned on by team leader Stone Cold, giving victory to the outsiders. One of the great events in Cleveland PPV history.

#2.) King of the Ring – Nutter Center – 1993

That is correct Dayton, Ohio, YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!

WWE’s own version of the NCAA tournament originates right here in the Buckeye State. One of my personal favorites, this is the same event that years later would go on to launch the career of Stone Cold. However, back to Dayton, with a win over Bam Bam Bigelow in the finals Bret Hart was crowned your inaugural King of The Ring. Jerry Lawler attacking Bret during his coronation that night ignited one of the most iconic rivalries of the early 1990’s. Shawn Michaels with Diesel also defeated Crush for the IC championship. June 13,1993, the first King of the Ring.

-WHO IS THE TOP WWE STAR BORN IN OHIO? Our Top 5 list clicking here–

– – – Not So…. great…- – –

In Cleveland… there is a saying “just a bit outside” that was born in the movie Major League. So before we reveal #1… Lets take a second and remember some of the less than perfect moments that were a swing and a miss right here in Ohio.

  • The Championship Scramble – Unforgiven 2008. The match is almost universally seen on the lower end of match ideas for the company. A match that seemed great in theory.. still does honestly but just didn’t pan out live. The idea was that multiple competitors battle in a timed match in which whoever gets the pin becomes temporary champion… the individual to receive the final pin or submission at the end of a selected time limit becomes champion. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great. Cleveland is the only city to have hosted this match type. It has never been used since.
  • CM Punk Quits – Raw 2013. WWE and Punk had been at ends for years. However in the Raw following the 2013 Royal Rumble, CM Punk had decided it was time to call it quits. Punk was allegedly scheduled to work Triple H at that year’s Wrestlemania, Triple would end up facing Daniel Bryan. The show in Cleveland was the second straight Raw in the 216 to be promoted as having Punk… but left with no Punk… drats.


#1.) Surivivor Series – Richfield Coliseum -1987

The rest of the top three can be argued, but this one is likely unanimous as the number one pick. This is where it all started, in previous home of your Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Prior to November 26, 1987, WWE fans were left with only one major wrestling event per year, Wrestlemania. Survivor Series became the first secondary PPV option and the only other PPV to be held in 1987 other than Wrestlemania III (FYI: there were 15 total PPVs in 2016). Held on Thanksgiving Day, it can be assumed that Vince was looking to build on extreme success the company found in Hogan v Andre at Wrestlemania III. The two would produce the company’s attendance record which stood for 29 years(broken at WM32) Each wrestler produced team’s of four for the elimination style main event, and the rest is history. Survivor Series would return to Richfield the following year in 1988, then once again in 1992. In following years, Survivor Series would become remembered as the PPV that future hall of famer Undertaker made his debut (1990). The event is now the second longest running PPV for the company behind only Wretlemania, and it started in the home of your Cavaliers. (Fun Fact: The next time you are at Quicken Loans arena on the main concourse, an original portion of the basketball court hangs on the wall near the elevators close to section 130, take a pic next time if you see it and let us know you found it!)

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(story photo courtesy twitter: @sashaslays smackdown 2016)

OHIO! We Rank The Top Five WWE Superstars To Come Out Of OHIO!!!

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) —Cleveland is the home of champions, from UFC to NBA, from CHL to MLB. With the gold flying around Ohio lately, it is time that we take a look at the WWE, and Ohio’s contribution to the squared circle.

Obviously not all representatives could make the top five, so right off the top I give you some rapid fire home towners. Dana Brooke was recently the sidekick of Charlotte Flair, but hales from Seven Hills, Ohio, just south of Cleveland. That is the same city that Abyss calls home, however while the masked former tag team partner of A.J. Styles was once rumored to be offered a contract from WWE, he never signed. The current Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is off to a great start by earning the gold, but still too soon for an all-time great. Taking you deep into the archives, Dr. X was a Fremont native, who lettered at Ohio State  and would go on to win the WWWF tag championship and challenge Bruno Sammartino for the World Title in the mid 60’s. Perry Saturn saw much of his success in WCW and ECW, although he would go on to hold the WWF Hardcore and European Championships. Cincinnati’s Dean Ambrose is one of the most over wrestlers in WWE right now and is part of one of the great trio’s in history with The Shield, however he has simply not had the tenure just yet to make our top five. With that, it is on to the show!

—Alexa Bliss wins the Championship Belt!? Here’s why it’s Best For Business—


Memorable Heel: Carmella DeCesare (Avon Lake)

Before the modern Carmella would be FABULOUS, there was Carmella DeCesare, and she was notorious for heat with the WWE Universe as a part of the 2004 Diva Search. Although she would finish the competition as a runner-up, DeCesare was indeed hired along with Candice Michelle, Maria Kanellis, Michelle McCool, and winner Christy Hemme. She would fall short in a Pillow Fight Lingerie match against Hemme, and was released a few weeks after that match at Taboo Tuesday. Her short time will be remembered for the tremendous heat received. Since leaving the company she married for Cleveland Browns quarterback, Jeff Garcia.

Next Big Name: Johnny Gargano (Cleveland)

Johnny Wrestling (a play on Johnny “Football” Manziel) is brand new to the WWE scene. Those familiar with NXT may recognize him as one half of the current NXT Tag Team Champions. He has not yet gotten the call up, but to quickly give a nod to his illustrious indy background, he has won titles in; Chikara, Dragon Gate, AIW, Cleveland All-Pro, IWC, and was ranked #51 in pro wrestling illustrated’s top 500 singles wrestlers.

—Is Charlotte Flair Already Hall Of Fame Bound? We Break It Down—


5. Brian Pillman – (Cincinnati)

For eleven years, Brian Pillman, was a Lunatic Fringe very similar to Dean Ambrose (ironic they share a home town.) In a time that the company was transitioning to the Attitude Era, Pillman was at the center of some of the company’s most controversial story lines. Prior to his time in WWE the “Loose Cannon” was an NWA Tag champions with then Stunning Steve Austin (Stone Cold.) In fact it was a rivalry with Steve Austin in which the story line called for Pillman to pull a gun on Stone Cold that caused much controversy in the 90s. For his pivotal role in the attitude era, pillman lands at number five.

4. Dolph Ziggler – (Cleveland)

No shock here. He is a proud North East Ohioan that is visible at Cavs games, Browns Games, and rocks local hoodies on air often on WWE programming. Ziggler is an adamant advocate for his two alma maters, St. Eds and Kent State University (fun fact, Dana Brooke is also a graduate of Kent State) Ziggler left Kent as the all time winningest wrestler in program history. Since entering WWE Developmental in 2004, Ziggler can boast almost every major title: World Heavyweight Champion 2x, Intercontinental Champion 5x, US Champion.

3. The Miz – (Parma)

Love him or hate him, The Miz has quietly piled up one of the most decorated careers of any superstar on the active roster today. (WWE Champion, 6x Intercontinental Champion, 2x US Champion, 4x Tag Team Champion, PWI #1 singles wreslter of the year 2011) Mike Mizanin is a graduate of Normandy High School and attended Miami of Ohio University. His appearance on The Real World in 2001 lead Miz to national fame. Since beginning his wrestling career on the indy scene (rarely talked about) in 2003, Miz has gone from Ultimate Pro Wrestling to Wrestlemania headliner. Miz is entering his 13th year with the WWE and still holds prominent role in the company.

2. Al Snow – (Lima)

What does everybody want? Yes, the man that carried around a mannequin head (in a strange way the original mannequin challenge?) is a native of the Buckeye State. Tenure alone has Al Snow in a rare air. Before joining ECW in 1995, Al Snow had already been in the business for thirteen years, starting with Ohio’s Midwest Championship Wrestling in 1982. He would garner much of his attention early on in the mid 90s with ECW. Snow remained with WWE on and off from 1995-2007, winning various titles: European Champion, Hardcore Champion 6x, and Tag Team Champion (with Mick Foley). He is still active in the business today and is currently signed with TNA.

1. “Macho Man” Randy Savage – (Columbus)

Widely regarded as one of the best wrestlers of all time, macho is undoubtably one of the biggest names from the golden era of WWE. Savage grew up in Zanesville and was signed by the St. Louis Cardinals out of High School to play baseball.  He gave up baseball in 1974 to pursuit a career in the squared circle. During his 32-years in pro wrestling, Macho Man won 29 championships and headlined Wrestlemania’s 4, 5, and 8. Although Savage passed away in 2011, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015. His superstar inside the ring translated in fame outside as well, acting in movie’s including Spider-Man and Bolt. As well as television appearances on Baywatch, Walker Texas Ranger, and Mad About You. His real life wife Miss Elizabeth was adored by the WWE Universe as well, with their on-air marriage one of the most memorable moments in WWE history.


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(photo couresty twitter: @TheQArena)


Seth Rollins Calls Out Triple H on Raw Is Best For Business

dAUSTIN, TX (TM216) — Seth Rollins is yet again, best for business as he calls out Triple H.

A quick promo is simply all that was needed to stir the pot and keep fresh in the viewers mind a rivalry that seemed once to be lost.

It has been a while (August 30th) since Triple H made a one night return to screw over “The Architect” in a championship match on Raw. While part time superstars are the new norm in WWE, it was still surprising to see a part timer make a move of such consequence then not be on air for a while.

—Speaking of Title Changes, Alexa Bliss as Champion? Lets Break that down—

Tonight Seth simply said he was addressing the elephant in the room and saying he wants to fight Hunter, but know that just calling him out isn’t how it works. That he would have to beat Kevin Owens first for the belt to make that happen, and prior to that, take out Y2J so he can’t interfere.


(photo courtesy twitter: @SethRollins)

We still have not seen the return of the cerebral assassin, but watching Seth Rollins make it appear that he will reignite that story does bring some practicality back to the post Summer Slam decision.

Presumably that match will happen at Wrestlemania and make up for the injury induced Rollins-less Mania of last year.

—Has Charlotte Flair Sealed Her HOF Destiny Already? Decide here —

In the mean time, Rollins match with Big Show on Raw was entertaining. He is in a program with the most over wrestler on the card in Y2J and the promise of a title run seems imminent.

If you were curious, Big Show got tired of Kevin Owens on the outside and left KO for Rollins to pedigree following a choke slam.

That, is best for business.

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Columbus Native, Alexa Bliss, Title Reign Is ‘Best For Business’… and Becky Lynch.

DALLAS, TX (TM216) — The winds of change continue to blow in the WWE Women’s division, and they are not slowing for anyone. 

Smackdown officially has a new Women’s Champion. And it is for the best.

Yes that is not popular (although it should be) but it is accurate. Becky Lynch has been on an island all her own. The third member of the greatest woman trio ever to come out of NXT, Becky has been completely missing out on the historic rivalry taking place between Charlotte and Sasha on the Raw (click link for more) brand.

While Lynch-Bliss was afforded the third longest match on the card (following Styles-Ambrose first and Miz-Ziggler second) it was not the main event like we had just seen on Raw. It was not the Hell in a Cell that we had just seen on PPV.

Lynch is now in a position to chase the title, and we have already seen a spectacular promo, check this out:

I love Becky Lynch. She is my go to gal on Smackdown for in ring performance. However, on a roster that includes the most profitable female talent in Nikki Bella, the most experienced technical female talent in Natalya, and up and comers… she has found herself in a position of needing the title chase to get the fans even more behind her.

—Seth Rollins calls out Triple H on Raw, the rivalry reignites—

Becky IS women’s wrestling on Smackdown right now. While she could create magic on Raw, this is the next best option both for Beck Lynch and Alexa Bliss.

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(photo courtesy twitter: @tripleH)

The Queen Loses Her Crown, But Not Her Thrown. Why Charlotte Flair Is Still #1

CHARLOTTE, NC (TM216) — The queen may have lost her crown last Monday on RAW, but her thrown atop the Women’s Division is as secure as ever.  

In the time since Charlotte Flair made her spectacular debut (July 13, 2015) there has been no competition on the heir apparent’s superstar potential both in and out of the squared circle.

In the time period of less than a year and a half, the second generation sensation has engorged her resume with all of the following:

  • Final Diva’s Champion
  • Inaugural Raw Women’s Champion (3x)
  • First woman to headline a WWE PPV
  • First woman to compete in Hell in a Cell
  • 14-0 at PPVs

Oh and lets not forget that she went toe-to-toe with Dr. Phil. (Forget about that one?)

Sixteen months. It has take sixteen months for the daughter of the 16x champ, Ric Flair, to become THE woman of professional wrestling.

Lets take a look at the in-ring work. Charlotte’s signature moonsault off of the top rope at Wrestlemania 32 has become one of the most iconic and lasting images out of all the matches from the most recent Wrestlemania. Each week that Flair steps between the ropes, viewers know that they are in for something special. Speaking of which, quick poll, will Charlotte join her father in the HOF? 

The physicality is one thing, you do not often see women wrestlers take a beating with a kendo stick, but it is her facial expressions and story telling of her body that show a character that is near psychotic in obsession of holding the Women’s Championship.

On the microphone, it was hard not to cringe with the WWE’s top female turned heel on her legendary father. To pull that sort of instant heat was a testament to the level of performance that Charlotte brings to each segment. That same sort of ferocity now makes each interaction between Charlotte and Dana Brooke that much more intriguing, if not skin crawlingly awkward.

I would be remiss to not mention the obvious contributions of the top talent that have been putting over Charlotte. I don’t want to take any credit away from the work of Sasha Banks. This is not to take any credit away from Becky Lynch, or Paige, or Natalya. Each of these women had a vital impact on lifting Charlotte into her current position. But that thrown is unquestionably in her sole possession. In a league of her own.

The Divas Revolution has turned into the New Era of women’s wrestling and the flagship program of WWE has found their flag bearer. In a struggling program, the diva’s have thrived under an expanded spotlight. Center stage in that spotlight reigning supreme in the queen’s thrown, is Charlotte Flair. 

Perhaps Charlotte’s defeat was foreshadowing as Becky Lynch falling to Alexa Bliss seems to be… Best for Business?

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(photo courtesy of twitter.com/MsCharlotteWWE)