Grades and Review for WWE Roadblock 2016

The final WWE PPV of 2016 is here! That’s My 216 has your Grades and Review!

PITTSBURGH, PA (TM216) —  Here we go! The final WWE PPV before Christmas, lets see what gifts WWE has in store for us tonight.

We start you off with a look at the Arena before the show, then OUR GRADES on WWE Roadblock!!!!

\~~~WWE ROADBLOCK: End Of The Line ~~~


DECEMBER 18,2016

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Rusev vs Big Cass

Both of these are some of my favorites in the company right now so it’s slightly disappointing to see them both on he preshow. That said, this rivalry needs to end fast. I am not a fan of the attitude era style connection with Enzo and Lana. Rusev wins via a count out, but in all reality, no one comes out of this quick match much of a winner.




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The New Day (c) vs Shaemus and Cesaro

The new day is the longest reigning championshions in history, and tonight, they showed why. A matchup that will certainly set the tone for a PPV with great potential. In the end, Cesaro saccrifices himself so that Shaemus can pin Kofi for the win.

I have mixed feelings about the results. The match was fantastic, but I like the New Day as Tag Team Champions. Perhaps this will open the door for Big E to make a US Title run? He seems the most likely of the three to have a singles push. Vince digs body builders, Kofi is in a different stage in his career, and X seems more fit for the 205 lineup.

The gimic to have Shaemus take both belts seemed a little too remenicent of team Hell No or Miz/Mizdow, but hey, take what you can get.


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Surprisingly, I am one of the few I believe that actually enjoy this storyline. Braun Strowman is a monster that has monster potential (in fact many diva’s have said Braun is one of their favorite comedians backstage) and has a possible face run in his distant future as well. So placing Sami in a position where he is battling for his career on the flagship makes a ton of sense.

Braun had Sami right where he wanted him before letting up and asking Mick Foley to throw in the towel. Sami survives the ten minutes after some wasted time pleading foley not to end the match. This keeps the story going, likely enraging Strowman, revitalizing Zayne, and deepening the distrust with Foley who had plannd to trade Zayne to Smackdown for Eva Marie. A bit short of a match to really get much going, it told its story and was decent. Wouldn’t stand on it’s own too well I don’t believe, yet, it fits its story line to perfection.


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These two are masters of their craft. Just a filler match for both of these two. Jericho is headed to a match with Kevin Owens, and Rollins is bound to HHH.


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Decent match, right along with what we have seen with the 205 crew. Rich Swann pins T.J. Perkins.

The most memorable moment of the match comes after it’s completion as tonight we get the return of Neville. A heel turn in his return, Neville looks much larger than the rest of the 205 division. He makes quick work of Swann and Perkins both in and outside of the ring before walking out.



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There  has been so much talk from the online wrestling community with hate about this rivalry going too long, that is the buauty of the internet… you can be wrong.

This will be remembered as the greatest rivalry in WWE women’s wrestling since Trish and Lita. This rivalry has set the new tone for women’s wrestling. Hell In A Cell, Falls Count Anywhere, IronMan Match…. it is only appropriate this matchup would go to overtime.

With a 2-1 lead, Sash was in the Figure-4 for several minutes before tapping out with ony seconds left in the match.

—-Charlotte Flair is already a Hall Of Famer, Open our reasoning here—-

Bleeding from the nose and mouth in a barbaric scene not seen in the women’s division in recent memory, Charlotte locked in the Figure four…. turned it into the fiture eight and locked in the final decision.

One of the greatest rivalries not only in the women’s division but all of wrestling.


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Again, the other half of a pair of filler matches. the roadmaps have been drawn for the foreseeable future. Rollins v HHH, and Owens v Jericho…. or so it seemed?

Jericho came back out to help Kevin Owens, Owens retains the title and we get another mini Shield reunion. Not sure where this is going honestly, for Roman Reigns. This doesn’t advance any storyline. Roman can still work.



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Really enjoyed the show until the very final minutes of the show. Nothing really advances… my buddy Triple J said it best… the finale was better suited for an episode of Raw. Titles changed hands, superstars returned, at least one 5-star match…. Good PPV.

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Rockstar Takes Selfie With Mentor Teen

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) — If there is anything that I would like to stress in life it is this; “Dreams do come true!”

If you don’t off of the top of your head know the band ‘Train’, their songs have certainly gotten stuck in your head at least a half a dozen times. You likely recall this little diddy:

(PS: Feel free to listen to that track while reading this post to get yourself in the zone. )

Well Train is now currently on tour having this past Monday made a stop in Cleveland. Trust me, if there is anything that I know, there is nothing better than seeing one of our Ohioans meeting their favorite rock star.

Such was the case for 14-year old Audrie of Mentor.

“I’ve been like obsessed with Train since my parents brought me to one of their concerts like 3 or 4 years ago.”

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So this past week, when Audrie’s mom surprised the teen with fifth row seats it was all that she could do to hold it together!

Along side her sister, mother and grandma, the four made the journey to the Q104 Holiday concert… and then, Train took to the stage.

“Pat was taking pictures with fans and didn’t take my phone,” Audrie says “but I kept like begging and he held up a finger telling me to wait, at this point I was like crying hysterically.”

So she waited…. and waited… and then…

“He eventually took my phone and took a picture with my sister and I.”


From that point forward, everything else was just icing on the cake… but there would be plenty of icing to be had. The teen would end up with quite a bit of freebies that the band had given her throughout the set, to the tune of a shirt, 3 guitar picks, and a drum stick.

“I was screaming the lyrics to every song and I think I might have made an impression because he continued to throw things at me”

The moment has passed, but for one Ohioan the memory of this magical night will ring on like your ears after a rock concert.

“I smile and freak out a little every time I turn on my phone because it is my lock screen! To be honest, I think all of my friends are getting annoyed with me because I’m still finding a way to talk about it. All of our conversations end with me saying, “I still can’t believe that happened” and them shaking their heads.”

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RGIII To Start In Injury Return Sunday

After mission the majority of 2016 due to injury, Griffin returns as starter.

Cleveland, OH (TM216) – The Cleveland Browns (0-12) have been searching for their first win, as well as a starting quarterback, for the entire season. Head coach Hue Jackson officially named Robert Griffin III that starting quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals (4-7-1). Jackson told reporters yesterday that he feels Robert Griffin III still has the chance to prove he’s the Browns answer at quarterback.

“RGIII” stands tall at 6’2′ 218 pounds. A Baylor product, his career was outlined to be the next Michael Vick. His freshman year with the Washington Redskins was outstanding–over 3,200 passing yards with a 65% completion percentage–then the injuries piled on. After spending four seasons with the Reskins, Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson, picked him up. Sadly, most of the time he has been on the ground from a sack or on an injury table

Unfortunately, due to the lack of offensive line help, and RGIII’s habit of running out of the pocket, he only lasted one game with Browns in 2017. He was sacked 3 times, with a QBR rating of 22.2. Not exactly the product Jackson was hoping for.

“The fact that we are putting him out there this week says that he has a chance,” said Jackson to reporters.”I’ve only seen him really play for a full game this season.”

Jackson is not hoping for perfection, he just wants to evaluate the offensive talent he has heading into next season. RGIII told local reporters that he plans to go out there and make the coaches believe he still has something left.

“That’s always been my focus is to come in here and show my teammates that I can do this for them,” said Griffin. “If we all do our job equally, we can go out there and win football games, and that’s the bottom line.”

The bottom line is that the Browns are still searching for the first win of the season. The Cincinatti Bengals come into Sunday’s game off a big win against the Philadelphia Eagles, 32-14. Quarterback Andy Dalton threw for 2 TD’s and dismantled an already struggling Eagles defense. The Browns will have to stop Cincinnati’s passing attack with strong man-to-man coverages.

The Browns are at the point in the season where a win would seem like a Superbowl victory to them, but to Cleveland sports fans, it’s just another year the Browns have sadly wasted.

“It’s important [to evaluate him] but it’s important that he’s able to go out there and play well – not just play but well,” said Jackson.


(Photo courtesy Twitter: RGIII)