Cavs Watch Party Tips 2017!

6 Tips to help you make the most of your Cavaliers Watch Party experience!

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) — It’s that time again! Amazing entertainment at The Q, for prices that are very family friendly.

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It may lack actual players on the basketball court, but if you want the game day experience.. you are again everything else for a fraction of the cost… and lets be honest, game tickets can be pretttty steep.

The popularity of Cavs’ playoff watch parties have grown in a major way since Lebron’s return and subsequent NBA Finals appearances. In fact, the watch parties used to be free of charge.

Now that it has become a yearly occurrence, more and more people are aware that the parties are coming, and thus become a year event, to the point that tickets SELL OUT!

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With that said, it’s time to talk watch party tips so that you can make the most out of your trip.

Tip #1: Arrive Early

General admission seating can truly be a double edged sword. You have the opportunity to sit anywhere, but that is the same fortune that shines among each and every ticket holder attending the watch part. With thousands of fans ready to stake their claim to a seat, you need to be ready to wait in line and grab yourself a good seat. How early? Well that depends on the round of the playoffs. For the first round you can be safe by showing up a half hour prior to the gates opening. That time will go up as each round passes. (round one: 30min ; round two: 45min ; round three: 90min ; NBA Finals: 2 hours )

Tip #2: For Best View Of Game, Sit Club Level

This may go against initial thinking, “Closer to the floor means better seats, they are the most expensive during actual games.” This is true, however, during a watch party you will be watching the game on Quicken Loans Arena’s enormous big screen. Sitting at club level assures that you will be looking directly forward at the screen rather than looking up as you may do from the lower level.

Tip #3: Take Advantage Of The Free!

Whether it be Cavalier Girls in the main lobby taking pictures, or the dance team busting a move out on the main concourse, there are many free opportunities to mingle with game day staff and grab a picture. Also, make sure to grab a free game program or roster, as the team shop can become very high priced, these make for instant souvenirs.

Tip #4: Eat Before Arriving

Yes there will be food on hand, and possibly at a discounted price, but it is much more wallet friendly to allow much of your hunger to be satisfied outside of the arena. The price of drinks, hot dogs, and popcorn can really add up quickly, especially with a family. To be safe, grab some food before arriving.


This may seem obvious but it is SO easy to forget. First off, yes, you do need tickets for the Cavs watch party. Keep an eye on the cavs website to stay up to date on their release dates. You can expect to start looking for tickets to go on sale about a week before the game. Early rounds are not likely to sell out, however once the Cavs reach the NBA Finals (like how I said when and not if?) they may sell out. So give it a look.

Tip #6: Decide On Parking (BRING CASH)

You may be new to the Cleveland downtown scene and be unsure where to park. There are benefits to each area. Parking close to the arena, you may pay anywhere from $25-$40 for parking. The payoff? In some cases you may actually be in a parking garage that is connected to the arena and never have to walk out in the elements. The downside, it is slightly more expensive and you will have a ton of traffic leaving the arena (unless you wait about 45 minutes). If you park a couple of blocks away you can look for prices to be anywhere from $5-$25… however you may likely be approached by homeless people asking you for money. In my opinion, it’s always worth paying the extra $10 to just be close to the arena.

So there you have it! You have your tickets, you have your parking plan, you’re getting a great seat in the club level with a view because you arrived early, and you have your free souvenir! Now go out there and enjoy yourself!

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DeAndre Liggins: Just Following His Brother’s Footsteps

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) – Some of us have dreams of playing the sport we love, growing up watching the long road to success of some of our favorite sports players. What the casual fan does not see are the peaks and valleys that come with the road to making it to the top. For Cleveland Cavaliers forward DeAndre Liggins, the road to live his basketball dream was anything but easy.

Liggins, born in Chicago, Illinois, is a product of the University of Kentucky, where he played under Coach John Calipari for two seasons.  He also played at George Washington High School in Chicago as a junior, before transferring to Findley College Prep to prepare for the NBA game. Liggins had all the tools to be a great player, that Coach Calipari once said that “his unbelievable effort is starting to rub off on his teammates,” according to his biography on Kentucky basketball’s website.

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As Liggins was just growing up as a teen in 2002, tragedy struck when his brother, 18-year-old Maurice Davis, a college basketball prodigy, was shot and killed following a schoolyard fistfight regarding a domestic dispute. Liggins, only 14 years old at the time, just lost his father a few months prior due to a diabetic coma. He grew up in a tough environment in the south side of Chicago with his grandmother, where high school coaches were told that he would never graduate, due to academic issues. After losing his best friend to violence, Liggins felt like he had no other choice but to carry on his brother’s legacy.

“I felt like I was alone,” said Liggins to Yahoo Sports. “When he died, I felt like I had to carry on his dream. This is what he wanted to do. I’m living his dream for him. Hopefully I’ll make him proud.”

Liggins did everything to make his brother proud, from having his brother teach him to dribble by posting up a small plastic basketball hoop on a closet door, to wearing his No. 34 at Kentucky to honor is brother, he was playing in his brother’s honor. To start his career, he was a star from the get-go at George Washington, posting a stat line of 15 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. In the 2011 Elite Eight, Liggins hit the late 3-pointer against North Carolina to catapult Kentucky to its first Final Four apperance since 1998. The kid had a special talent and was bound to play in the NBA.

After impressing several teams with his gritty style of play, Liggins was drafted by the Orlando Magic in 2011. In his first season, he struggled mightily to adjust to the NBA game. In 2012, then was picked up by the Oklahoma City Thunder, where he received praise from superstar Kevin Durant. “He’s a workhorse, man. I love him.” said Durant to “You can tell he’s a guy that’s tough and has been that way his whole life.”

After the 2013 season, it was tough for Liggins to find a home. He was involved in a domestic violence case, that led to several trips to the NBA D-League to continue to work on his craft and take care of his off the court problems. Fast forward to 2016, Liggins was signed by the reigning champion Cleveland Cavaliers and took the 15th roster spot over veteran guard Dahntay Jones.

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The Cavaliers were without a true backup point guard, as Matthew Dellavedova signed with the Milwaukee Bucks for a long-term contract. That’s where young forward DeAndre Liggins stepped in.

At the quarter season point, guard J.R. Smith broke his thumb and was subjected to return in 3-4 months. Liggins had proven to coach Tyronn Lue he was worth the last spot on the roster. He also had to show superstar LeBron James he could play the game.

In his starting role with the Cavaliers at shooting guard, Liggins has been a gritty pest to opposing teams. In the Cavaliers rematch against the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day, Liggins was assigned to guard superstar point guard Stephen Curry. Curry only shot 4-11 for 15 points with three turnovers. Liggins was in Curry’s face the entire night.

The Cavaliers’ defense has also mightily stepped up since Liggins was moved into the starting lineup,  boasting a 100.5 defensive rating. The defense is important for the Cavs, especially when dealing with injuries and illnesses to several other key players. Liggins’ ability to play with the Cavaliers at a fast pace caught the eye of James.

“Right now he’s doing what he is comfortable with doing and what he’s comfortable with doing is picking somebody up 96 feet,” said James to local reporters. “The court is only 94 [feet].”

James compared Liggins to Dellavedova, and how ‘Delly’ found his role with the team and stuck with it. “It’s been a diamond in the rough for us and we are happy to have him.”

As Liggins’ career progressed, the one positive factor in his mind was how could he play the game of basketball, in honor of his brother, but still deal with the pressures of making it to the NBA?

The kid from Chicago, Illinois, that nobody said would make it, is on the biggest stage of them all, with the reigning NBA champions, and loves his role. Liggins has overcome many odds in his life, but is always grateful for the chance the Cavaliers gave him. That’s all he wanted. A chance to the play the game he was born to play.


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Lebron James Wears Cubs Jersey In Chicago?! (VIDEO)

CHICACO, IL (TM216) — So much for loyalty to the Indians!

Okay, okay, in all seriousness. Very cool moment Friday night in Chi-Town. Lebron James was on the losing end of a bet with long time friend Dwayne Wade this Fall.

Lebron and Wade made a bet a few months ago when the two mega-athletes saw their home town MLB teams face off in the world series.

The bet stated that if the Indians won, Dwayne Wade would where an Indians jersey in Cleveland… with Chicago winning… we had to see this:

There you have it. Lebron is a man of his word. Lived up to the bet. That is a friend that we want.

LEBRON ‘bleeping’ JAMES is too much some times… earlier this week we took a look at the Legend of Lebron’s teammate JR Smith. Get caught up on what makes JR legendary here.

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We leave you tweet from the Chicago Tribune… lets get LBJ some Cavs gear stat!


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