Top 5: Actors You Didn’t Know Lived In Cleveland!


CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) —  Northern Ohio is a long ways away from Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t played home town to our fair share of A-Listers!

Ferris Buellers Day off… A daytime talk show host… and yes… Tom Hanks.

We are That’s My 216… and this is our top five actors you didn’t know lived here in Cleveland.

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5.) Molly Shannon

Lets start with a Saturday Night Live favorite…. should we say… Superstar?

Molly Shannon is well known for spending more than a half decade on the stages of SNL, but her rise to stardom began right here in the Cleveland.

On September 16th, 1964, Molly was born in Shaker Heights, OH. Growing up, Molly attended St. Dominic School and Hawken School. After graduation, it was off to the Big Apple for New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

4.) Dr. Oz

Though his time living in Cleveland was short lived, Dr. Oz was indeed born in Cleveland.

His national spotlight began with appearances on the Oprah Winfrey, and Larry King shows… before eventually being given his own self titled show in 2009.

That said, the Cleveland connections live on. One of the medical experts for the Dr. Oz Show, Michael Roizen, is also the Chief Wellness Officer for the Cleveland Clinic.

3.) John Lithgow:

It would take far too long to every acheivment in his illustrius career, so lets just do some highlights: He has won Tony Awards, Emmy Awards, Golden Globes, hollywood walk of fame,.

John Lithgow is an institution in american acting you recognize him from 3rd rock from the son, dexter, twilight zone, footloose, or even his voice from Shrek!

But before the bright lights of hollywood, came Akron Ohio and Lakewood Ohio!

Lithgow attended Simon Perkins Junior High, and Bucthel High School back in the 1960’s. 

2.) Alan Ruck:

He played one of the most iconic sidekick’s of the 1980s. Now, the next time you watch Cameron sending his father’s Ferrari careening through a glass window take a second to ponder… could that have been in Ohio?

On July 1st 1956, Alan Ruck was born right here in the home of Rock and Roll. His mother was a teacher, his father in pharmaceuticals.

Growing up, Ruck was intrigued by the arts, and would often visit the Cleveland Museum of Art with his father. By the time that Ruck hit the theatrical stage as a student at Parma Senior High School, he had already caught the acting bug.

From there he would enroll at the University of Illinois, travel to Chicago for acting rolls, and the rest is history. Check out Alan pondering some art with the Cleveland Museum:

1.) Tom Hanks:

If you were involved in the Cleveland film scene in 1977 and 1978 there is a good chance you may have crossed paths with this future oscar winner. During college, Hanks interned at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival.

So how did he get there? Well. He had just been passed on for a role in his college’s theatre production earlier year and wound up in community theatre with the great lakes shakespeare festival’s artistic director, Vincent Dowling. After an invite to intern at the festival, Hanks journeyed to Cleveland to launch one of most iconic acting careers of generation.

Speaking of stars in Cleveland, did you see which global rockstar just took a selfie with a teen from Mentor? Check that out  by clicking here.

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It was in Cleveland that Hanks earned his Actors Equity Card, and he now boasts about the many afternoons spent watching the Indian’s playing live over at Municiple Stadium. His pride in the Tribe is one that Stephen Colbert recently learned of first hand:

So there you have it, did you know of all of those? Did we miss one? Leave your comments below. 

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People: Interview “The Modern Electric”

While preparing to take the stage of the Grog Shop this Friday, Matthew of The Modern Electric sits down with That’s My 216.

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) — Their names may not be draped across nationwide marquees just yet, but  there is a good chance that their album becomes the new soundtrack to the next six months of your life.

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When Cleveland’s own, The Modern Electric, rocks the Grog Shop on Friday, December 23rd, do yourself a favor and inject some live music into your holiday plans, you won’t regret it. 

The Modern Electric is a hidden gem in the city of Cleveland, boasting tracks that can appeal to fans in any genre of music. Why? One phrase, “cinematic rock”.

“There’s great kind of orchestral movement throughout the song.” says Matthew Childers, the drummer for Modern Electric, in an interview with That’s My 216. “Even though we’re just using piano and traditional rock instrumentation, we generally try and feel the arch of the movie throughout our song.”

Matthew Childers is the drummer for Modern Electric. Along side band mates Garrett Komyati, Holden Laurence, and Michael O’Brien the band has become just the latest Cleveland product to define a renaissance of local music and athletics that highlight 2016 in the 216.

The four products of Willoughby South High School have now been have been playing for several decades. Matthew and Garrett first began performing together in the fifth grade. Now four years removed from college the group is still on the go.

“It’s always boring in the suburbs and you have to find ways to entertain yourself, you know playing music is great way of getting together with friends, collaborating on something unique and special, and it all kind of stemmed from that.”

Even though the bright lights of big cities have played host to our native cinematic rockers, North East Ohio is still home. This coming Christmas show in particular becoming a staple in their show plans over the last half decade.

“It’s always a big crowd. It’s a lot of friends that have travelled home for Christmas, a lot of people that haven’t seen us perform in a while. When we play shows in Columbus, or New York City, or Chicago, it’s always great but it’s best to play shows in the venues where you grew up watching bands. .”

Their latest album “Original Motion Picture Sountrack” merges innovation with their cinematic style, writing and directing a short film to accompany each track on the album.

Hear our full interview with Matthew of The Modern Electric right here:

The Modern Electric brings “Cinematic Rock” to center stage of the Grog shop this Friday, December 23, 2016 for Northcoast Christmas. Also featured on the lineup is Nick D & The Believers, as well as Teddy Boys. Tickets are just $12 and an additional $2 at the door for those under 21.

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Rockstar Takes Selfie With Mentor Teen

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) — If there is anything that I would like to stress in life it is this; “Dreams do come true!”

If you don’t off of the top of your head know the band ‘Train’, their songs have certainly gotten stuck in your head at least a half a dozen times. You likely recall this little diddy:

(PS: Feel free to listen to that track while reading this post to get yourself in the zone. )

Well Train is now currently on tour having this past Monday made a stop in Cleveland. Trust me, if there is anything that I know, there is nothing better than seeing one of our Ohioans meeting their favorite rock star.

Such was the case for 14-year old Audrie of Mentor.

“I’ve been like obsessed with Train since my parents brought me to one of their concerts like 3 or 4 years ago.”

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So this past week, when Audrie’s mom surprised the teen with fifth row seats it was all that she could do to hold it together!

Along side her sister, mother and grandma, the four made the journey to the Q104 Holiday concert… and then, Train took to the stage.

“Pat was taking pictures with fans and didn’t take my phone,” Audrie says “but I kept like begging and he held up a finger telling me to wait, at this point I was like crying hysterically.”

So she waited…. and waited… and then…

“He eventually took my phone and took a picture with my sister and I.”


From that point forward, everything else was just icing on the cake… but there would be plenty of icing to be had. The teen would end up with quite a bit of freebies that the band had given her throughout the set, to the tune of a shirt, 3 guitar picks, and a drum stick.

“I was screaming the lyrics to every song and I think I might have made an impression because he continued to throw things at me”

The moment has passed, but for one Ohioan the memory of this magical night will ring on like your ears after a rock concert.

“I smile and freak out a little every time I turn on my phone because it is my lock screen! To be honest, I think all of my friends are getting annoyed with me because I’m still finding a way to talk about it. All of our conversations end with me saying, “I still can’t believe that happened” and them shaking their heads.”

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Can’t Miss CONCERTS and COMEDY In Cleveland! Week of December 5, 2016

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) — The snow is here, the chill is real, and music scene in Cleveland is ready to entertain. Here is a look at the concerts coming to the area this week!

Grog Shop:

Wednesday: ANDIE CASE. If you have not heard of her, there is a good chance that your teen has. Andie Case is an up coming internet singer songwriter that has an web following of 1.1 million subscribers. Her cover of Jason Derulo’s “Want To Want Me” made the iTunes Top 100 in multiple continents. In support of case is JENNA FOURNIER of NIGHTS and MADDIE FINN. The show is suitable for all ages with tickets at the door costing $14. There is also a VIP available for $60.

Playhouse Square:

Sunday: STRAIGHT NO CHASER. You would be hard pressed to find an a capella group that carries with it more all ages appeal than Straight No Chaser. SNC is a phenomenon. From viral videos, to majorly successful CD releases, the fellas that now bring you the “I’ll Have Another… World Tour” are an entertaining, family friendly, holiday tradition that you and your family will be talking about throughout the year. The event comes with two start times, one at 3:00 PM and one at 7:30 PM. Ticket prices range from 29.50-59-50.


Thursday-Saturday: JEFF ALLEN. It seems a rare sight these days to find a comedian that both funny and safe for most ages. Jeff has been a stand up comedian for over 30 years and has been seen on both Comedy Central and VH1. The whole family with be in stitches as Jeff talks about the married life, living with teenagers, and doing so in a family friendly fashion. Show times range from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM, so be sure to check your start time ahead of time. Ticket prices go as high as $28.

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Train In Cleveland TONIGHT Just Days After Album Announcement!

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216)– As if the anticipation for a live show were not enough, Train is set to rock the State Theatre tonight just days after announcing their new album “a girl a bottle a boat.”

In a duel headline with Andy Grammer, Train is set to rock Playhouse Square tonight for the Q104 Holiday Show.

Only hours before the Grammy Award winning band hits the home of rock and roll, they make it official. Check out the tweet below from Train’s official twitter:


Almost as if to quote the newly crowned NBA Champion Lebron James, “Cleveland! This is is for you!”

The pre-order is linked above to lock in your copy prior to the January 27th release date. With prior smash hits like Hey Soul Sister, If It’s Love, Drops of Jupiter,  and Drive By, one can only speculate the magnificent new crop of tracks that will soon be filling up your personal ipod and commute through the 216. Speaking of which, of those super tracks, which is your favorite?

The Q104 Holiday show begins at 8:00 pm Monday evening, and in addition to Train and Andy Grammer will also feature Blue October. The Texas-based band recently hit #1 on several charts.

If you can’t make the concert, you can stay home and watch the Cavs try to end a four game losing streak….

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(photo courtesy twitter: @Train)