What is That’s My 216? 

That’s My 216 is an Ohio Limited Liability Company that produces videos for local media coverage, as well as on a business to business level, offering a cost effective option for small businesses.


New TV Show in 2018! That’s My 216 is developing a weekly 30-minute lifestyle show to be aired on local television and the web! For information on advertising on this show or if you have a story you would like told, contact us at: contact@ThatsMy216.com .

That’s My 216 is not traditional media. With our passion of local sports and entertainment, we focus solely on offering a break from conventional news media, you will only see a mix of positive and family friendly entertainment and stories on our site.

Founded in 2016, That’s My 216 aims to bring deeper coverage to Cleveland’s prep and collegiate levels of athletics. While we love our big three teams here in Cleveland, our focus is adding a spotlight where it is not traditionally reached in our area.

On the national stage, we focus solely on entertainers and athletes that grew up right here in Ohio. From Drew Carrey to Lebron James, or for the stars of tomorrow, Jake Paul to Logan Paul, we will keep you up to date on some of your former neighbors now shining bright in NYC and LA.

No Clickbait! All local advertising. 

There is no clickbait, there is no popups, there are no inappropriate story options. You will never see national advertisements on our site. We are locally owned, locally operated, and the advertisements you see on our site and videos are local as well.


On the production end, we aim to offer an alternative option to what can become a pricey portion of any small business marketing strategy; professional looking video. With years of professional shooting, editing, and story telling experience, we are sure that we can find a professional looking video asset for your company.

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