America’s Got Talent Review for June 5th 2018

The talent (and lack there of) is back! Another week, another group of acts that will leave you in awe, or cringing, for the week to come. Let’s go over some of the most memorable from June 5th, 2018.

The dance team from the Dominican Republic. I could imagine that somewhere in the DR there is a youngster imagining themselves under the lights performing for Simon, Mel B, Howie, and Heidi. This may not have been the highlight of the night, not the golden buzzer, but it was the act that captured my imagination. They are an early front runner for me. One move in particular saw ‘dancer A’ extending his knee forward, allowing ‘dancer B’ to step up onto it with one foot and placing the top of his other foot behind ‘dancer A’s head, at this point a third dancer dove through dancer B’s legs towards the audience. Yes that was as confusing to write as it was beautifully executed. They are through the the next round and I’m ready to see what they bring.

Ugh, such a heart wrenching story. I love to hear of people chasing their dreams, it is such a hard journey for anyone. The fact that this woman was told that her skill wasn’t enough because of her weight… terrible. I’d like to think that somewhere her jaw dropping performance dropped the jaw of whoever called her fat, and that said jaw remains locked so it can’t speak nonsense any more. That was mean. ANYWAY! The skill was undeniable. I spent most of the performance impressed with the skill and control but anxiously awaiting the crescendo. Waiting for that moment that would make her voice the one to remember for the night, it came at the end. Standing ovation worthy, and likely… calling it now, at least a semi-finals worthy act.

More so just mean than funny. I wasn’t sure what to expect when he walked out, sorta looking like a blonde Oompa Loompa. I expected a sort of physical comedy, slap stick type of performance. Than the punch line on Tyra was just rude, not funny, just shocking. I knew this was an act that Simon would like. It’s his type of anti-hero performance. It was funny just how cringe worthy it was with what he said to the judges. It was entertaining to see once, but not needed to be seen again.

The golden buzzer of the night. My goodness. We could all do well to strive in similar steps of this man. The person that he is off the stage, with adoption and such, is simply mentor worthy. Such an incredible family. The performance itself started a bit shaky. No doubt that can be attributed to nerves. Absolutely can hear what Simon did as well, there is a unique almost texture to the voice. I don’t know that I see this act getting further than the quarter finals of the live shows. It will likely survive one elimination. But the Golden Buzzer was earned, no doubt, before this man even stepped on stage, it was locked in half way through the song. Good singer, great person, golden.

Next week will apparently feature some type of augmented reality performance. Should be interesting. Either way, I am pumped to have AGT back!

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