“Get It Free” Review 2017, All Survey, No Products

CLEVELAND, OH — I suppose the old saying may hold true. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. E-Mails that do not stop, and pushy salesmen, annnnnd worst of all… no socks.

Allow me to preface this article by saying that I can not conclusively say that the spam came directly from these surveys, the calls and e-mails began within days of taking the survey. I can certainly verify that this is a major waste of my time and I received no products. So I’d like to save your time.

While swiping through snapchat, I saw this ad:


Free Under Armour Socks? Sounds great! However I learned quickly that this would be far from free.

For about 20 minutes I would fill out survey after survey, all linking to or forwarding to another survey. If you reach the end of a survey and are not forwarded, there is not link to click request your product. Annnnd here comes the worst part.

After taking the survey, and selecting that I was interested in hearing about new career opportunities, I have been spammed constantly by different job posting websites. Even after hitting unsubscribe, you are then messaged by additional companies. I unsubscibe JobRight and get an email from JobSerious, then CareerAlerts, then Candidate Point, then Hireable…

And lets not forget the phone calls. Companies calling, very rude and aggressive salespeople…when asked to be removed from the call list, being told no. If you hang up and try to call back to speak with a manager, the number is not in service.

In conclusion, under absolutely no circumstance would I recommend trying “Get It Free.”



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