BREAKING: Paul George to Oklahoma City Thunder, means what for Cleveland?

CLEVELAND, OH– The hopes of PG to CLE are done.

Its official. Paul George to the Thunder . A trade breaking late on Friday evening has ended the hopes of one super team and began a shocking new one.

This tweet from ESPN broke the internet:

With Oklahoma City, George now joins the reigning MVP in Russel Westbrook.

The cavs… now possibly will look toward a Carmelo Anthony trade. Mello is ready to head out of New York.

Some speculation was a Knicks buy out of Melo which would allow the Cavs to sign him for next to nothing, I don’t see that happening.

New York gave up the house for a chance at signing Melo originally, he won’t be able to leave without giving some value.

Expect a trade that will still bring Mello to the Cavs at a steal, should the Cavs finally make a move during this free agency. Remember, they are working without a GM at this point.

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