Cavs Watch Party Tips 2017!

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) — It’s that time again! Amazing entertainment at The Q, for prices that are very family friendly.

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It may lack actual players on the basketball court, but if you want the game day experience.. you are again everything else for a fraction of the cost… and lets be honest, game tickets can be pretttty steep.

The popularity of Cavs’ playoff watch parties have grown in a major way since Lebron’s return and subsequent NBA Finals appearances. In fact, the watch parties used to be free of charge.

Now that it has become a yearly occurrence, more and more people are aware that the parties are coming, and thus become a year event, to the point that tickets SELL OUT!

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With that said, it’s time to talk watch party tips so that you can make the most out of your trip.

Tip #1: Arrive Early

General admission seating can truly be a double edged sword. You have the opportunity to sit anywhere, but that is the same fortune that shines among each and every ticket holder attending the watch part. With thousands of fans ready to stake their claim to a seat, you need to be ready to wait in line and grab yourself a good seat. How early? Well that depends on the round of the playoffs. For the first round you can be safe by showing up a half hour prior to the gates opening. That time will go up as each round passes. (round one: 30min ; round two: 45min ; round three: 90min ; NBA Finals: 2 hours )

Tip #2: For Best View Of Game, Sit Club Level

This may go against initial thinking, “Closer to the floor means better seats, they are the most expensive during actual games.” This is true, however, during a watch party you will be watching the game on Quicken Loans Arena’s enormous big screen. Sitting at club level assures that you will be looking directly forward at the screen rather than looking up as you may do from the lower level.

Tip #3: Take Advantage Of The Free!

Whether it be Cavalier Girls in the main lobby taking pictures, or the dance team busting a move out on the main concourse, there are many free opportunities to mingle with game day staff and grab a picture. Also, make sure to grab a free game program or roster, as the team shop can become very high priced, these make for instant souvenirs.

Tip #4: Eat Before Arriving

Yes there will be food on hand, and possibly at a discounted price, but it is much more wallet friendly to allow much of your hunger to be satisfied outside of the arena. The price of drinks, hot dogs, and popcorn can really add up quickly, especially with a family. To be safe, grab some food before arriving.


This may seem obvious but it is SO easy to forget. First off, yes, you do need tickets for the Cavs watch party. Keep an eye on the cavs website to stay up to date on their release dates. You can expect to start looking for tickets to go on sale about a week before the game. Early rounds are not likely to sell out, however once the Cavs reach the NBA Finals (like how I said when and not if?) they may sell out. So give it a look.

Tip #6: Decide On Parking (BRING CASH)

You may be new to the Cleveland downtown scene and be unsure where to park. There are benefits to each area. Parking close to the arena, you may pay anywhere from $25-$40 for parking. The payoff? In some cases you may actually be in a parking garage that is connected to the arena and never have to walk out in the elements. The downside, it is slightly more expensive and you will have a ton of traffic leaving the arena (unless you wait about 45 minutes). If you park a couple of blocks away you can look for prices to be anywhere from $5-$25… however you may likely be approached by homeless people asking you for money. In my opinion, it’s always worth paying the extra $10 to just be close to the arena.

So there you have it! You have your tickets, you have your parking plan, you’re getting a great seat in the club level with a view because you arrived early, and you have your free souvenir! Now go out there and enjoy yourself!

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