People: Interview “The Modern Electric”

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) — Their names may not be draped across nationwide marquees just yet, but  there is a good chance that their album becomes the new soundtrack to the next six months of your life.

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When Cleveland’s own, The Modern Electric, rocks the Grog Shop on Friday, December 23rd, do yourself a favor and inject some live music into your holiday plans, you won’t regret it. 

The Modern Electric is a hidden gem in the city of Cleveland, boasting tracks that can appeal to fans in any genre of music. Why? One phrase, “cinematic rock”.

“There’s great kind of orchestral movement throughout the song.” says Matthew Childers, the drummer for Modern Electric, in an interview with That’s My 216. “Even though we’re just using piano and traditional rock instrumentation, we generally try and feel the arch of the movie throughout our song.”

Matthew Childers is the drummer for Modern Electric. Along side band mates Garrett Komyati, Holden Laurence, and Michael O’Brien the band has become just the latest Cleveland product to define a renaissance of local music and athletics that highlight 2016 in the 216.

The four products of Willoughby South High School have now been have been playing for several decades. Matthew and Garrett first began performing together in the fifth grade. Now four years removed from college the group is still on the go.

“It’s always boring in the suburbs and you have to find ways to entertain yourself, you know playing music is great way of getting together with friends, collaborating on something unique and special, and it all kind of stemmed from that.”

Even though the bright lights of big cities have played host to our native cinematic rockers, North East Ohio is still home. This coming Christmas show in particular becoming a staple in their show plans over the last half decade.

“It’s always a big crowd. It’s a lot of friends that have travelled home for Christmas, a lot of people that haven’t seen us perform in a while. When we play shows in Columbus, or New York City, or Chicago, it’s always great but it’s best to play shows in the venues where you grew up watching bands. .”

Their latest album “Original Motion Picture Sountrack” merges innovation with their cinematic style, writing and directing a short film to accompany each track on the album.

Hear our full interview with Matthew of The Modern Electric right here:

The Modern Electric brings “Cinematic Rock” to center stage of the Grog shop this Friday, December 23, 2016 for Northcoast Christmas. Also featured on the lineup is Nick D & The Believers, as well as Teddy Boys. Tickets are just $12 and an additional $2 at the door for those under 21.

For more on The Modern Electic, Click Here! 

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