Rockstar Takes Selfie With Mentor Teen

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) — If there is anything that I would like to stress in life it is this; “Dreams do come true!”

If you don’t off of the top of your head know the band ‘Train’, their songs have certainly gotten stuck in your head at least a half a dozen times. You likely recall this little diddy:

(PS: Feel free to listen to that track while reading this post to get yourself in the zone. )

Well Train is now currently on tour having this past Monday made a stop in Cleveland. Trust me, if there is anything that I know, there is nothing better than seeing one of our Ohioans meeting their favorite rock star.

Such was the case for 14-year old Audrie of Mentor.

“I’ve been like obsessed with Train since my parents brought me to one of their concerts like 3 or 4 years ago.”

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So this past week, when Audrie’s mom surprised the teen with fifth row seats it was all that she could do to hold it together!

Along side her sister, mother and grandma, the four made the journey to the Q104 Holiday concert… and then, Train took to the stage.

“Pat was taking pictures with fans and didn’t take my phone,” Audrie says “but I kept like begging and he held up a finger telling me to wait, at this point I was like crying hysterically.”

So she waited…. and waited… and then…

“He eventually took my phone and took a picture with my sister and I.”


From that point forward, everything else was just icing on the cake… but there would be plenty of icing to be had. The teen would end up with quite a bit of freebies that the band had given her throughout the set, to the tune of a shirt, 3 guitar picks, and a drum stick.

“I was screaming the lyrics to every song and I think I might have made an impression because he continued to throw things at me”

The moment has passed, but for one Ohioan the memory of this magical night will ring on like your ears after a rock concert.

“I smile and freak out a little every time I turn on my phone because it is my lock screen! To be honest, I think all of my friends are getting annoyed with me because I’m still finding a way to talk about it. All of our conversations end with me saying, “I still can’t believe that happened” and them shaking their heads.”

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