RGIII To Start In Injury Return Sunday

Cleveland, OH (TM216) – The Cleveland Browns (0-12) have been searching for their first win, as well as a starting quarterback, for the entire season. Head coach Hue Jackson officially named Robert Griffin III that starting quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals (4-7-1). Jackson told reporters yesterday that he feels Robert Griffin III still has the chance to prove he’s the Browns answer at quarterback.

“RGIII” stands tall at 6’2′ 218 pounds. A Baylor product, his career was outlined to be the next Michael Vick. His freshman year with the Washington Redskins was outstanding–over 3,200 passing yards with a 65% completion percentage–then the injuries piled on. After spending four seasons with the Reskins, Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson, picked him up. Sadly, most of the time he has been on the ground from a sack or on an injury table

Unfortunately, due to the lack of offensive line help, and RGIII’s habit of running out of the pocket, he only lasted one game with Browns in 2017. He was sacked 3 times, with a QBR rating of 22.2. Not exactly the product Jackson was hoping for.

“The fact that we are putting him out there this week says that he has a chance,” said Jackson to reporters.”I’ve only seen him really play for a full game this season.”

Jackson is not hoping for perfection, he just wants to evaluate the offensive talent he has heading into next season. RGIII told local reporters that he plans to go out there and make the coaches believe he still has something left.

“That’s always been my focus is to come in here and show my teammates that I can do this for them,” said Griffin. “If we all do our job equally, we can go out there and win football games, and that’s the bottom line.”

The bottom line is that the Browns are still searching for the first win of the season. The Cincinatti Bengals come into Sunday’s game off a big win against the Philadelphia Eagles, 32-14. Quarterback Andy Dalton threw for 2 TD’s and dismantled an already struggling Eagles defense. The Browns will have to stop Cincinnati’s passing attack with strong man-to-man coverages.

The Browns are at the point in the season where a win would seem like a Superbowl victory to them, but to Cleveland sports fans, it’s just another year the Browns have sadly wasted.

“It’s important [to evaluate him] but it’s important that he’s able to go out there and play well – not just play but well,” said Jackson.


(Photo courtesy Twitter: RGIII)


Author: Kyle Vertoch

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