Seth Rollins Calls Out Triple H on Raw Is Best For Business

dAUSTIN, TX (TM216) — Seth Rollins is yet again, best for business as he calls out Triple H.

A quick promo is simply all that was needed to stir the pot and keep fresh in the viewers mind a rivalry that seemed once to be lost.

It has been a while (August 30th) since Triple H made a one night return to screw over “The Architect” in a championship match on Raw. While part time superstars are the new norm in WWE, it was still surprising to see a part timer make a move of such consequence then not be on air for a while.

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Tonight Seth simply said he was addressing the elephant in the room and saying he wants to fight Hunter, but know that just calling him out isn’t how it works. That he would have to beat Kevin Owens first for the belt to make that happen, and prior to that, take out Y2J so he can’t interfere.


(photo courtesy twitter: @SethRollins)

We still have not seen the return of the cerebral assassin, but watching Seth Rollins make it appear that he will reignite that story does bring some practicality back to the post Summer Slam decision.

Presumably that match will happen at Wrestlemania and make up for the injury induced Rollins-less Mania of last year.

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In the mean time, Rollins match with Big Show on Raw was entertaining. He is in a program with the most over wrestler on the card in Y2J and the promise of a title run seems imminent.

If you were curious, Big Show got tired of Kevin Owens on the outside and left KO for Rollins to pedigree following a choke slam.

That, is best for business.

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