Cavs Look To Avoid 4-game Losing Streak In Toronto

TORONTO, ON (TM216) — Looking to end a three game losing streak? Probably could come at a better time than facing the second best team in the eastern conference.

So lets take a look back at the last week in Cavaliers history… JR Smith catches mass amounts of criticism for walking off the court during an active play against Milwaukee, en route to a loss. Lebron James shows up in Chicago wearing a Cubs uniform due to losing a bet with Dwayne Wade, en route to a loss. The Cavaliers get demolished on their home court by the Los Angeles Clippers, en route to… you get the picture.

It has been a rough stretch for the reigning NBA Finals Champions. Early poll, do they win it tonight: 

With that said, we can all take some solace in the quote that has been rolling around the interwebs courtesy of Lebron James, saying basically, the championship honeymoon is over.

It has been a blast in Cleveland since June, but the time to go is now. As the Cavaliers open up the first full week of December basketball north or the border, this is not going to be an easy win by any stretch of the imagination.

The Cavaliers (13-5) would fall out of their Eastern Conference lead if they fall to the Raptors (14-6) Monday evening. Perhaps more important, it would result in a Cavaliers 4-game losing streak, something you just do not see out of this new Cavaliers regime.

When the ball tips at 7:30, look for a newly rejuvenated Cavaliers. Coach Lue said over the weekend that the team was run through a “good, tough practice.” Lebron James said “We can’t cheat each other.”

The time is now for the Cavaliers, and the Air Canada Centre seems like the perfect place to get it done. 

Oh, and if you can’t make it to Canada, big concert going on in Cleveland tonight!

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