Columbus Native, Alexa Bliss, Title Reign Is ‘Best For Business’… and Becky Lynch.

DALLAS, TX (TM216) — The winds of change continue to blow in the WWE Women’s division, and they are not slowing for anyone. 

Smackdown officially has a new Women’s Champion. And it is for the best.

Yes that is not popular (although it should be) but it is accurate. Becky Lynch has been on an island all her own. The third member of the greatest woman trio ever to come out of NXT, Becky has been completely missing out on the historic rivalry taking place between Charlotte and Sasha on the Raw (click link for more) brand.

While Lynch-Bliss was afforded the third longest match on the card (following Styles-Ambrose first and Miz-Ziggler second) it was not the main event like we had just seen on Raw. It was not the Hell in a Cell that we had just seen on PPV.

Lynch is now in a position to chase the title, and we have already seen a spectacular promo, check this out:

I love Becky Lynch. She is my go to gal on Smackdown for in ring performance. However, on a roster that includes the most profitable female talent in Nikki Bella, the most experienced technical female talent in Natalya, and up and comers… she has found herself in a position of needing the title chase to get the fans even more behind her.

—Seth Rollins calls out Triple H on Raw, the rivalry reignites—

Becky IS women’s wrestling on Smackdown right now. While she could create magic on Raw, this is the next best option both for Beck Lynch and Alexa Bliss.

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(photo courtesy twitter: @tripleH)

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