Lebron James Wears Cubs Jersey In Chicago?! (VIDEO)

CHICACO, IL (TM216) — So much for loyalty to the Indians!

Okay, okay, in all seriousness. Very cool moment Friday night in Chi-Town. Lebron James was on the losing end of a bet with long time friend Dwayne Wade this Fall.

Lebron and Wade made a bet a few months ago when the two mega-athletes saw their home town MLB teams face off in the world series.

The bet stated that if the Indians won, Dwayne Wade would where an Indians jersey in Cleveland… with Chicago winning… we had to see this:

There you have it. Lebron is a man of his word. Lived up to the bet. That is a friend that we want.

LEBRON ‘bleeping’ JAMES is too much some times… earlier this week we took a look at the Legend of Lebron’s teammate JR Smith. Get caught up on what makes JR legendary here.

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We leave you tweet from the Chicago Tribune… lets get LBJ some Cavs gear stat!


(courtesy twitter: @Chriskuc)

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