Swish: Looking Back At The Legend Of J.R. Smith (video)

CLEVELAND, OH (TM216) — J.R. Smith. The artist also known as Swish. A Cleveland Cavalier (no matter which team he plays for in the future or past), is one of the most intriguing personalities in all of Cleveland sport.

From posting a video in the locker room dancing with teammates (give it a flick of the wrist, woop!) right after winning the ECF, to the major trade that brought the Saint Benedict Prep alum into the 216, I find today as good as ever to run down some of our favorite memories of #5. 

Did we mention that the 2013 sixth man of the year has a knack for the clutch? As we close into the holiday season, lets travel back to the day after Christmas 2012. On a team that included Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Jason Kidd, the cold air of winter would have nothing on the ice cold blood pumping through the veins of J.R Smith. The Knicks had just fallen to the Lakers on Christmas day, on the verge of adding back to back west coast losses to their Holiday Blues, J.R. handles the ball with one second on the clock, and creates a classic Swish moment. 


Back in 2012, Lebron James was on… uh… less cordial  terms with the people of Cleveland? So seeing J.R. Smith absolutely punishing the rim at the expense of a Big 3 lead Miami Heat, was a sight to not soon forget. Lebron James is once again the chosen son of all Ohio basketball, the sports savior playing nightly in his downtown Cleveland Colusium. But on this day, all circumstances aside, this was a rim rattling dunk in traffic that is worthy of any highlight reel, and our list.


J.R. Smith may no longer be rolling down Wall Street with the Knicks, but his wheels are now rolling all the same straight down Euclid Avenue. Back in 2015, The NBA Finals Game 4 was treated to the sight of a plaid laden J.R. riding his hover board past the security check points and parking garage “deep in The Q”. Quicken Loans arena has seen its fair share of wheels as it hosts some of the top acts in the world, but the wheels that J.R. brings to the table, come with a flare of their own.


Lets finish you off with this. The man called Swish, will remain a life long hero in Cleveland. This night is a major reason why. Swish was an vital piece of that puzzle to bring a championship to Cleveland. His presence and contributions in the 2016 Finals, never to be forgot.  In this moment, Swish was one of us. Swish is a big piece of Cleveland. This interview can be watched an unlimited amount of times. This is Swish.

His journey has seen several cities, like any top name it is not be a journey without bumps in the road. J.R. Smith is a champion. One of the men that will forever be a piece of Cleveland.



(photo courtesy of facebookcom/teamswish)

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