The Queen Loses Her Crown, But Not Her Thrown. Why Charlotte Flair Is Still #1

CHARLOTTE, NC (TM216) — The queen may have lost her crown last Monday on RAW, but her thrown atop the Women’s Division is as secure as ever.  

In the time since Charlotte Flair made her spectacular debut (July 13, 2015) there has been no competition on the heir apparent’s superstar potential both in and out of the squared circle.

In the time period of less than a year and a half, the second generation sensation has engorged her resume with all of the following:

  • Final Diva’s Champion
  • Inaugural Raw Women’s Champion (3x)
  • First woman to headline a WWE PPV
  • First woman to compete in Hell in a Cell
  • 14-0 at PPVs

Oh and lets not forget that she went toe-to-toe with Dr. Phil. (Forget about that one?)

Sixteen months. It has take sixteen months for the daughter of the 16x champ, Ric Flair, to become THE woman of professional wrestling.

Lets take a look at the in-ring work. Charlotte’s signature moonsault off of the top rope at Wrestlemania 32 has become one of the most iconic and lasting images out of all the matches from the most recent Wrestlemania. Each week that Flair steps between the ropes, viewers know that they are in for something special. Speaking of which, quick poll, will Charlotte join her father in the HOF? 

The physicality is one thing, you do not often see women wrestlers take a beating with a kendo stick, but it is her facial expressions and story telling of her body that show a character that is near psychotic in obsession of holding the Women’s Championship.

On the microphone, it was hard not to cringe with the WWE’s top female turned heel on her legendary father. To pull that sort of instant heat was a testament to the level of performance that Charlotte brings to each segment. That same sort of ferocity now makes each interaction between Charlotte and Dana Brooke that much more intriguing, if not skin crawlingly awkward.

I would be remiss to not mention the obvious contributions of the top talent that have been putting over Charlotte. I don’t want to take any credit away from the work of Sasha Banks. This is not to take any credit away from Becky Lynch, or Paige, or Natalya. Each of these women had a vital impact on lifting Charlotte into her current position. But that thrown is unquestionably in her sole possession. In a league of her own.

The Divas Revolution has turned into the New Era of women’s wrestling and the flagship program of WWE has found their flag bearer. In a struggling program, the diva’s have thrived under an expanded spotlight. Center stage in that spotlight reigning supreme in the queen’s thrown, is Charlotte Flair. 

Perhaps Charlotte’s defeat was foreshadowing as Becky Lynch falling to Alexa Bliss seems to be… Best for Business?

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